Starting statistics (Photo Above Last Meal)
Age: 28
Height: 5' 10"
Starting Weight: 246.6
Diagnosed with: Hypertension Stage 2, Pre-Diabetic, Obesity

Project 100

What is project 100?
Only eating powdered-food - Using Huel-Black Edition, and Huel Daily Greens. 5 Servings of Huel Black Edition for a total of 2,000 Calories a day.  One serving of Daily Greens a day.

What are you recording during this project?
Not limited to:  Blood-pressure, weight, bodyfat, waist, temperature, water%, Bone, Muscle, Visceral Fat, subcutaneous fat, steps, estimated caloric burn, consumption times, and a full course of bloodwork including complete metabolic panel, thyroid panel, complete blood count, A1C, and cholesterol.

What is the timeframe for this project?
Starting date is 06, May, 2023.  I don't have a projected end date yet.

Why did you pick Huel over other powdered food?
Highest nutritional content and nearly 0 sugar content.  I chose the healthiest powdered food I could find.

 I want you to test for something else that you haven't tested for yet!  Will you?
Send me a message from our team page or an email at and I'll see what I can do!  I'm nearly always available on our DISCORD SERVER (

How do I read the spreadsheet below?
The main page of the spreadsheet is already selected, which shows all recorded data besides laboratory test results.  Page 2, is laboratory test results.   All other pages show graphs corresponding with the name that pulls the data from the main page.

I have a suggestion or I think something is hard to understand.  Make it better.
Send me an email at with any comments, suggestions,  criticism, feedback, or if you just want to say hi!

Monolithic - Project 100 ( Monolithic.Life/Project-100 )

Previous 60-Day Trial + Blood Work +Additional Info (From 2020)

Huel - 60 Days - Start Date: 17, May, 2020 - End Date: 16, July, 2020

Initial Weight: 230lbs   -    Total Intake approx/Day (3 Huel Drinks, ~1500 Calories/Day, included the now discontinued flavor packing)
30 - Day Weight: 204.6lbs
60 - Day Weight: 191.6lbs

Some Quick Notes

These results are from another trial I've done in 2020.  After I finished these 60 days - I reverted back to my original very poor diet and went onward to prepare to do this all again. 

From here I went to prepare for 2 other tests where one I tested a very low caloric intake which led to a very fast increase in bodyfat when reverting back to a normal diet.

Who would have thought that eating more led to an increase in fat loss (4th trial, 2,000 minimum a day) vs (1st trial, 1200-1600 calories/day)?   I wanted to see the difference of doing it the "incorrect way" and "correct way" that is much more effective and have the information to show why.